Our Workshop

When we moved into our previous Bond Street premises, in 2000, we discovered that there was already a fully running workshop on the top floor. To us it was the best kept secret in Bond Street. To make matters even better we discovered the head of the workshop was already renowned for his quality of workmanship. He started as an apprentice at the age of 15 and now has over 55 years of experience. Although we have moved he still carries out repairs for us and makes specially commissioned jewels.

The jewellery made in his workshop is amongst the finest made in traditional workshops in London. Sadly, due to new technologies that are coming into use, the age old techniques will gradually start to be lost over the next few decades. While the new manufacturing methods, such as CAD are fantastic, they cannot match the quality of a hand made piece. Due to the processes involved the traditionally made piece tends to have more substance, whereas modern manufactured pieces tend to have a lighter feel.

We provide an individual design service for your special bespoke commissions. Our work ranges from classic, simple, four claw solitaire ring designs to exquisite silver-upon-gold mounted jewellery, set with old-cut diamonds in cut down settings, which are indistinguishable from the original pieces that were made in the 1880s to the 1890s. We can produce colourful gem encrusted jewels to beautifully enamelled creations. We are happy to discuss all processes of the the making of your unique piece. We can work from your own design or we can design a piece from your ideas, made by our craftsmen, to create something for you to treasure.

The workshop carries out repairs, re-setting, re-sizing, enamel restoration, re-engraving, seal engraving and full renovation of your much loved jewellery. The head of the workshop often repairs items that other workshops have been unable to repair.

If you possess a much valued piece of jewellery, perhaps one that carries great sentimental value but somehow doesn't fit with the times, please bring it to us to discuss remodelling it to suit your own needs. We have produced many beautiful and unique pieces, created from outdated jewellery.

Two of our recent commissions were a gorgeous diamond ring made from diamonds taken from three rather unimaginative rings that belonged to one of our favourite clients. We discussed all elements of the design, from the positioning of the stones, to which settings to to use and the shape of the shank.

We also recently re-modelled one of our own signet rings and the ring of the film director to be seal engraved with a special design, which featured in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service, with Colin Firth