Pearl Stringing Service

When Does Pearl Jewellery Need Stringing?

We recommend that pearls are strung every six months to 18 months depending on wear. Heavier necklaces should be strung regularly as the weight of the beads will pull on the thread causing unsightly gaps and leaving it prone to breaking. It is advisable to choose bead restringing as soon as the thread looks stretched or when tiny gaps start to appear between beads and next to the knots.

What is Pearl Knotting?

Most pearl necklaces are strung knotted, with a very small knot between each pearl. This gives an elegant drape and reduces wear on the pearls.

The benefit of double knotting pearls is that, should the thread on your necklace break, it is likely you will risk losing only one or two pearls as the rest will be protected by the next knot.

If the pearls in your jewellery are smaller, they will tend to be strung either un-knotted or with a knot every three to five pearls. This avoids the pearls looking overwhelmed by knots.

Different weights of thread are used for different sizes of pearl and the drill holes that run through them. This influences the size of the knot. We always endeavour to keep knots as small and as tight as possible, depending on the thread size.

Why is Silk Thread Used in Pearl Restringing?

When stringing pearls, we use white silk thread unless you request otherwise. Silk thread is the perfect choice because it reduces wear on pearls and the interior of the drill holes.

How to Keep Your Pearls Looking Their Best

Pearl jewellery maintenance is essential to keep your pieces looking their best. Dirt and grease will coat the thread during normal wear, which can affect its appearance and lead to breakage. Creams, body lotions and perfume can damage the top layer of your pearls leading to a weathered look. Other things to avoid are pulling at your pearl strands, swinging them or shaking them in your hand.

If you notice the thread on your pearl jewellery is not looking its best, please bring it to us, at Grays Antiques Center. During the pearl restringing process, each individual gem will be cleaned giving your whole piece a new lease of life.

Stringing Bead Necklaces

At Moira Fine Jewellery, we also specialise in bead stringing and restringing. We will always try to match the thread colour precisely to the colour of your gemstone beads, unless you request otherwise. We tend to use a tougher thread than silk when bead stringing, such as polyester or cotton, as your beads are less susceptible than pearls to wear and tear.

Our Pearl Stringing and Redesign Service

Taking an elegant pearl strand and redesigning it into a contemporary jewel is a challenge we love at Moira Fine Jewellery. We can remodel and redesign strung jewellery, while also carrying out essential repairs. We have transformed a single row pearl necklace into a double row, and even find perfectly matching pearls to enhance your existing pieces. We have also remodelled brooches into clasps for stunning pearl choker centrepieces.

Speak to our team today to find out more about our expert pearl and bead stringing services.