We know you can’t put a price on family heirlooms…

Your precious family jewellery pieces, engagement rings , wedding bands and heirloom antique jewels may cost more in sentimental value than they do in monetary value, but jewellery insurance is still vital for peace of mind.

We offer expert jewellery valuations for insurance replacement.

Why Jewellery Valuations Matter

It is important to make sure that your valuable diamond jewellery pieces are correctly valued and that these valuations are kept up to date with current market changes. It is your responsibility as the owner to make sure your jewellery is insured, and that the valuation is current. If this is not the case, your insurer may not accept a claim if pieces are lost, stolen or damaged.

What is the Jewellery Valuation Process?

When you bring jewellery to us at Grays Antiques Center for valuation, we will examine each item carefully and note its details and features. If you have documentation, such as receipts and certificates, please bring them with you.

You will receive a printed valuation, giving a description of your jewellery based on our examination and any information you have provided.

If you do not have diamond grading certificates for your diamond jewellery, we will assess the diamonds ourselves, based on the Four Cs, cut, clarity, colour and carat weight.

Our jewellery valuations for insurance replacement are based on the price that we would charge to make a close copy of your item of jewellery should it ever become lost or damaged beyond repair. We only provide market rate valuations on items that are mass produced and easily replaceable. We understand that many of our clients are insuring items that are incredibly unique and are not available or replaceable on the open market. In this instance, we take extra care to value every aspect of your piece, including its historic and collectible significance.

Jewellery Valuing Services at Moira Fine Jewellery

As part of our professional jewellery valuing service, we can provide accurate and detailed information about your jewellery pieces that satisfy all major insurance providers. We are also happy to supply quotes to your insurance company for the repair of damaged jewellery items.

Our fee for valuations for insurance replacement are 1% + VAT with a minimum fee of £75+VAT.

To find out more or speak to a member of the Moira Fine Jewellery team, please contact us.