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50 Years Anniversary Collection

To celebrate 50 years of fine jewellery, Moira Fine Jewellery has put together a collection of our finest vintage and antique jewellery...


50 Years of Fine Jewellery

Specialising in vintage and antique jewellery for over 50 years. Find out more about our history by reading our story...

“That feeling of excitement and anticipation when I unearth a sensational signed jewel or antique treasure is still there even after 40 years,”

Suzanne Lauder, owner, Moira Fine Jewellery



About Us

Moira Fine Jewellery is recognised worldwide as a destination for exquisite antiques, rare jewels and luxury diamond jewellery pieces. Our reputation for excellence has led to visits from esteemed clientele, with many pieces becoming treasured facets of royal jewellery collections.

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Moira Fine Jewellery’s collection doesn’t concentrate on a single period in time but rather incorporates the best of each. Exquisite examples of Art Deco beauty sit comfortably alongside pieces from the modernist era, rare antique jewels alongside the signed pieces of today. The only definitive link between them all? They are without exception the rarest of jewels and the finest of antiques. Take a look at our brochure to find some our finest pieces...

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